who we are

Grilletech is a skilled company with an experienced team specialising in the supply and design of air diffusion equipment.

Our dedicated team provide many years of combined sales, engineering and manufacturing experience within the HVAC industry. With our strong knowledge base, we are capable of providing an air diffusion solution to any project.

what we do

Grilletech specialise in the supply of architecturally engineered air diffusion equipment and supplementary equipment, including ceiling diffusers, grilles, swirl diffusers, linear products, jet diffusers, louvres, dampers, VAV units and stainless steel products.

Grilletech provide competitive tenders for mechanical contractors, followed by the project management of supplying and coordinating delivery of air diffusion equipment to our clients.

Grilletech also offer design assistance, utilising our engineering team and our in-house testing facility to meet any project requirements.

Where We Are Going

Through passion and leadership, our commitment to research and development, innovation and service remain the core of the company. We are continuously investing in technology to supply the industry with new and exciting products and services.

Developing new products and solutions in partnership with our clients, our team of qualified engineers are always eager to make a significant contribution.

Industry training will be a key element in our future commitment to providing unparalleled technical assistance. Our team will be able to provide customised in house and on site presentations or training programs for our clients and potential clients.