Displacement Diffuser 90°


Product Description


• The DDM90 is mainly used in large places, such as airport terminals, railway stations, waiting rooms, gymnasiums, industrial plants, department stores, etc

• The supplied airflow will be spreading with a 90° air pattern on the ground and will go upward when it meets people, hot electrical appliances or other hot objects.

• This kind of supply air is looking for hot sources which need to be cleared away and not only brings the hot air and humidity out of the area, but also disperses the pollutants in the air.

• The angle of air supply can be changed according to the differences between the hot and cold working conditions.

• The supplied angle is changed by the butterfly valve installed at the bottom and the air-uniform valve installed inside.

• It can be adjusted by manual control mode, electric switch control mode and electric proportional control mode.

• Big air diffusion radius, stable speed and low noise.

• Easy installation, simple structure and reliable.

• Rubber seal for join, easy and reliable for sealing.